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Guide to First Float

Here's what to keep in mind

before starting your session

Image by Louis Hansel

Meals and caffeine

Have your meal 1-2 hours before your float (or eat light before your float) so you won't be feeling hungry. It’s best to avoid caffeine before your float.

Image by Robert Gomez

float nude

You are recommended to float nude to enjoy the zero pressure. Worry not! Your room is 100% private.


We have you covered

Your float essentials (fresh towels, earplugs, and toiletries) are covered. You may wish to bring your facial cleanser, personal comb, and other personal essentials. 

Image by Anelya Okapova

Avoid Shaving/Waxing

Avoid shaving and waxing on your float day so you won't get stung from salt water. Petroleum jelly will be provided for any minor cuts.

Image by kevin laminto

Come Makeup-Free

Come without makeup, or you wish to bring your makeup removal to cleanse it off before your float.

your journey

During your arrival

Welcome and meet our friendly Float Guides to check-in! You are advised to reach 15 minutes earlier.


Meet your guide

Your guide will show you to your room and a walk-through of the process. Ask as much question as you want to know.


Airplane mode

Disconnect yourself with your phone. Switch it on silent mode/airplane mode. The next hour is all about yourself.


Cleanse first

Put on your earplugs and shower thoroughly. Apply the petroleum jelly during this step.


Lights off

For the best experience, turn off the room lights before you enter the pod.


Dip in and immerse yourself

Step into your pod slowly and lie down to float instantly. Expect nothing. Music will ease you in for the first 10 minutes, and the last 5 minutes before your session ends. The pod can be closed or remain open at your personal preference.


Rinse off

After your session, shower thoroughly by washing off the salt, as you slowly return to reality.

shower (1)_edited.png


Next, come enjoy a warm cup of tea, relax and chill in our resting lounge.


Feel the difference

You’ll feel the beneficial effects of floatation for days after, or even weeks with regular practice.


Share your experience and come back for more

Enlighten your friends about your experience and enjoy our sharable packages!

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REconnect with a pause

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