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  • Is there an age restriction?
    We do not have any age restriction. However, if you are under 16, either of your parents will need to sign your waiver form and accompany you throughout the float session. For any individual above 16, you are required to be physically enter and exit the float pod without any assistance.
  • What if I am late for my float session?
    We encourage all our floaties to be 5 - 10 mins earlier for their session (30 mins for first timer for introduction and check-in purposes) Floaties are allowed a maximum allowance of 15mins late arrival to allow themselves a worthwhile session. Any late arrival will be in tandem with a shorter float session. Example: Session time 9:00 a.m. to 10 a.m. (1-hour float) The limitation of late arrival is maintaining a fair and quiet environment for other floaties sessions. This is due to the noise caused by the filtration process.
  • Can I cancel my appointment?
    Yes, you can. Do note that for any expected late arrival of more than 15mins of your booked session, we kindly appreciate that we can be notified a day in advance or at least 8 hours before your float session. On condition that advance notification is given, floaties are allowed to reschedule your float session by clicking on the 'Cancel/Reschedule' button in your booking confirmation email. You can also call or WhatsApp us to cancel your appointment. Any cancellation made within 2 hours before your float session will be penalized.
  • How early should I arrive at the shop?
    For new floaties, we would recommend you arrive 30 minutes before your appointment time for us to walk you through the flotation process and paperwork required. For frequent floaties, you are kindly advised to arrive 10-15 minutes before your appointment time to allow yourself enough time to have a rinse and also prepping your mind to calm down.
  • When is the best time to float?
    You may float anytime depending on your preference. ☀️Floating in the morning may clear your mind and help you to be more productive for the rest of the day. 🌞 Floating in the afternoon is more prone to individuals who prefer to split their day up at mid-day. 🌙 Floating in the evening to late will allow customers to fully enjoy sleep-improving benefits as they can simply relax after their float session.
  • Do I need to prepare anything for my floatation session?
    Just bring yourself here! We provide every necessity that you will be required to float. Towels, earplugs, hairdryer, shampoo, and body products are all provided! You’re more than welcome to bring your toiletries as you please.
  • What can I expect from my first float?
    Majority of customers commend the unique floating experience they encounter especially on how effortlessly it is to float. Every customer describes their floating environment distinctively (E.G. Ocean, Clouds, Space, Cave, Etc), but at the end of the day, floaties feel relaxed and refreshed after their session. Normally, it will require 2-3 float sessions for customers to adapt and learn how to disconnect and dive into a meditative state.
  • Can I eat or drink before I float?
    We would advise not to consume a heavy meal 2 hours before your booked session otherwise, you will be hearing a lot of your stomach growling during the float. Similarly, you shouldn't be starving or you could face the same issue as well. So, just have a light meal 60 to 90 minutes before the session. But no caffeine, alcohol, or energy drinks. Some water is just fine!
  • I am Claustrophobic, can I Float?
    We pride ourselves on providing an experience in which all guests can be comfortable experiencing flotation therapy. Guests are in complete control of their Float Pod lid, which may be left open, partially open, or closed. Each Pod features a multi-coloured LED light which is in the total control of the guest. A selection of music options—including the option to bring your own music are available for each session.
  • Do I need to remove any of my make-up and pieces of jewellery?
    Any loose jewellery is recommended to be taken off to release yourself from the worrisome that it might drop in the pool. The water inside the pod will be circulating, thus small pieces of jewellery might flow into our filtration system. In addition, Float Pause will not be liable for any damage or loss on your pieces of jewellery taken inside the pod. Kindly advised that make-up should be removed before dipping into the pod to ensure the highest standard of hygiene in our Float Pause community.
  • Do I need to shower before float session?
    Yes. floaties are advised to shower before the start of your float session to remove any excess oil and dirt throughout the whole body and hair. Towel and toiletries will be provided.
  • Who are not recommend to float (health condition)?
    In regards to our waiver form, floatation is not recommended for those with the following conditions: 🚫 Extreme low blood pressure 🚫 History of regular ear infections 🚫 Kidney disease 🚫 Transmissible skin condition 🚫 Serious heart condition 🚫 Any contagious disease, including diarrhea or gastroenteritis. Customers are allowed to float when 14 days had passed from the day when symptoms have subsided. Any person with the abovementioned underlying health but not limited to should consult their respectively primary care doctor.
  • Who are not recommend to float (non-health condition)?
    Anyone who are under the influence of alcohol or any drugs are strictly prohibited from floating. Ladies who are in their menstruation period are welcome back after the end of their period. Anyone who has open or bleeding wounds, including recent tattoos and fresh piercing are not recommended to float with us. We will advice you to come back after your skin or piercing is completely healed. Anyone who have recently dyed/bleached their hair will have to wait for at least 1 week for their next float session. You are not recommended to shave on your float day (to avoid cuts) as there will be a stinging sensation on freshly shaven part. Some floaties find it bearable by applying petroleum jelly.
  • What does it feel like in a float pod?
    Each person’s floating experience is uniquely individualized and Float Pause is always delightful in hearing each and everyone’s experience after your float. A brief description of floating is as follows: Customer will be floating naturally on 1000 pounds of Epsom-salt saturated water in our pods with a temperature maintained at approximately 35°C that matches the human’s skin. In the beginning, when you float in the pods, the water will feel pleasantly warm but quickly becomes less noticeable. Customers will feel total weightlessness floating in the pods and completely disconnect yourselves from external sensory inputs leaving you in a state of Sensory Forgetfulness.
  • What should I do inside the pod?
    The Answer is DO NOTHING and try to enjoy the weightless relaxation as much as possible. Frequent Floaties can slowly work towards entering a deeply meditative state. New floaties normally discover it difficult to disconnect from sensory input and find themselves mentally active during their float. Nevertheless, in such a situation floaties can stretch out their whole body which helps you to settle into a deep rest, or are recommended to think creatively about any challenges they are facing.
  • How do I ask for assistance if required while floating?
    Each pod is fitted with an emergency button (red button) on the right-hand side. Just lightly tap and a staff member will attend to you promptly.
  • Will floating in the pod dry out or damage my hair and skin?
    Epsom Salt which is made up of magnesium improves your hair, scalp and skin condition. Nevertheless, do wash and condition your hair and skin after your float session.
  • What can I do if the water gets to my eyes?
    There will be a spray bottle and a small towel provided inside the float pod, simply just spray the clean water on your face or eyes to dilute the salt and wipe it with a towel!
  • Will I fall asleep in the pod?
    Probably. Many of our regular floaties fall asleep during their float. By relaxing both your mind and your body, you are able to experience deep rejuvenating sleep. In fact, many of them compare one hour of sleep while floating to four hours deep sleep! Additionally, the relaxing benefits of float therapy allow you to experience deeper sleep outside the float tank by improving the quality of your sleep.
  • Is it dark in the float pod?
    We recommend to turn off all lights including room lights to enjoy the full sensory deprivation experience. However, you can turn on the light inside the float pod. Alternatively, you can keep the float pod hatch open to allow lights into the pod too. It is all up to your own comfortably and preferences.
  • Is it cold / hot inside the pod?
    Generally the water inside the pod are set near to our body temperature, in event you feel cold inside even when the hatch is close, try to reduce your movement because your body will create a heat shield around your body and when you disturb it, you might feel a little cold temporarily. However if you are feeling a a little hot inside the float pod, the hatch can be open at any time when you like it. Feel free to adjust the air-conditioning to the temperature you prefer.
  • Is there enough air inside the pod?
    Our float pods are designed not to be airtight and there are vents around the float pod for air circulation. You may also opt to open the float pod hatch at anytime if you feel there isn't sufficient air flow.
  • I can't relax during the session
    There is many ways to prepare yourself to relax for your session such as avoid caffeine or other stimulants before you float, requesting longer soothing music to calm you down. The therapeutic benefits will be profound when you eventually "let go" and relax. Everyone will experience a different journey, but if you enter with a open mind and willing to surrender the control of the experience, you will be floating away into a brand new world. It is recommend to consider floating more often to reduce the time and effort to relax as our body will get used to the routine and eventually able to get into the right state faster. Relaxation is a learned skill, so please be patient and allow yourself to let go and get the hang of it.
  • Why my necks hurt during the float?
    We strain our neck muscle so much each and every day, so it is normal if you feel discomfort during the float. Human skull is weighted perfectly to balance in water, so make sure you try to mimic the positions shown during our demonstration. Chances are that you are not relaxing your head/neck due to worrying that it will fall or dip backwards, but don't worry it will not happen. There is also neck pillow or noodles provided to be use as per necessary.
  • How often should I float?
    There is no fixed amount of time you should float in a week or month. We do recommend that first experience customers should at least float 3 sessions to adapt and avail themselves of the benefit of floating. Feedback reports that the majority of customers were able to fully adapt to floating and relax both physically and mentally better on their 2nd & 3rd float.
  • Do I get dehydrated from soaking for so long?
    Not at all! Your skin doesn’t even prune up but instead becomes supple and smooth. However, do remember to keep yourself hydrated before and after your float session.
  • What should I do after finding out there is salt in my ear?
    Wearing the earplugs provided will prevent this from happening. Nevertheless, if you noticed there is some salt in your ears after floating, you may clean it using a cotton-bud dip with a 1:1 ratio of water and vinegar solution.
  • How long do the benefits last?
    For long-term benefits, floating regularly at least once a month will help to relax your mind and body; reduce stress levels, and muscle tension, and improve overall well-being! The more you float, the better it gets! You can expect to find the experience strengthens and lengthens each other.
  • Why I feel nausea during / after the session?
    There are many reasons for this. Anxiety, stress, dehydration, feeling hungry or too full might also contribute to the nauseous. High humidity in the tank may also cause nausea, so just tilt open the hatch a little. As float pod's environment reduces gravity's effects, submerging the ears underwater, when there is absence of light or when there is a slight water surface ripple, you are highly become nauseous. Therefore, if you are generally sensitive to motion sickness, you might also have similar sensitivity with floating. Magnesium Deficiency might also the reason but fear not, our float pod is full of Epsom Salts which is actually the compound of the minerals magnesium and sulphate. When you're laying in the float tank, the magnesium and sulphate that is in the water will pass through the skin, raising the levels detected in the blood. This is actually the quickest possible way to increase your levels of magnesium.
  • Why I feel so tired / disoriented after session?
    When you are in a deep relaxation that is achieved during the float, it can result in disorientation when returning to reality. Some people may also experience fatigue because their bodies are so relaxed that it can take some time to adjust to being upright and moving around again. Drinking plenty of water and having plenty of rest can also help alleviate fatigue or disorientation.
  • Why I have skin Irritation and rashes?
    If you have minor wounds or irritations, you may experience temporary aggravation due to the high salt concentration in the water. Similarly, individuals with dry skin or eczema may experience discomfort when first submerging into water, despite Epsom salt’s healing benefits on these skin conditions. Nonetheless, this feeling typically subsides quickly, and we offer a protective ointment to help alleviate any discomfort before entering the water. During your session, there is a significant amount of salt to accumulate on your skin, hair and even your ear. Failure to rinse off properly can lead to skin rashes which is uncommon and may take several days to appear. Failing to rinse hair adequately can cause salt to dry in the hair and face, leading to discomfort and irritation. Salt inside your ears can be real discomfort if it is not rinse off properly, but you can just mix 1:1 of water and white vinegar and gently pour into your ear, one at a time and use cotton bud to swish it around. The white vinegar will dissolve the Epsom Salt. So remember to take a loooooooong shower and ensure you are thoroughly rinse after the session.
  • What mode of payment accepted?
    Bank Transfer, Online Banking, Touch N Go
  • Do I have to purchase a Float Package before booking an appointment?
    Yes, you need to first purchase a session/package in order to book a float session.
  • My Float Package expired, what should I do?
    You may reactivate or extend your package with a fee at RM50 for 3 months. WhatsApp/Email us and we will get it done for you shortly!
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